Tablets with low energy value and high content of vegetal fibers.

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Tablets with low energy value and high content of vegetal fibers. Due to fibers, fats assimilation is reduced and their elimination is favourised. Once they get in the stomach, the fibers increase their volume and, so, the hunger sensation is stopped. The vegetal fibers also have a role for the body detoxify and also of adjusting the intestinal transit. It is recommended to replace a meal with 5-15 tablets that can be swallowed or chewed, and, after that, it is recommended to drink a glass of water. The tablets have a pleasant taste, they are easy to administer.

Fibromix-R -USAGE

It is administered orally: when hunger sensation appears, one should administer 5-15 tablets , chewing them slowly or swallowing them with water or any other drinkable liquids. 
Energy value: 3,4 Kcal (14,2 KJ)/tablet.


Corn starch,fructose, wheat bran (contains gluten), protein isolate non-GM soy, carob powder, corn flakes,Cocoa powder, vitamin C, dry yeast, stearic acid vegetable and magnesium oxide.


It is recommended to use them as a dietary supplement, for reducing the fat layer and loose weight. The dietary supplement is rich in proteins, natural fibers, minerals and vitamins having a low content of lipids (under 4%) mostly constituted into polyunsaturated fatty acids (vit. F), indicated for the elimination of fats from the tissues. The alimentary supplement ensures a part of the daily proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, lecitin, antioxidants and vitamins necessary, all these being naturally present in the product or being added under the form of ingredients in preestablished proportions. This is why, it can be consumed without damaging the normal functions of the body, this way it can be consumed during long periods of time. The product is 100% vegetal. It can also be bought from Cora hypermarkets. 
The product is an alimentary supplement. It does not replace the variable diet. The consumer is advised to limit to the recommended dosages and read carefully the data from the label. The product must be kept away from childrens reach. 
Side effects: does not have any. 

Cautions: not to be consumed by people allergic to soy and gluten. May contain traces of lactose, peanuts and egg.

The consumer is advised not to exceed the recommended dosage of 40 tablets.

Supplement Facts:

Energy value/tablet 3,4 Kcal (14,2 KJ)
Fibers 204 mg
Fats 36 mg
Carbohydratesi 553 mg
Minerals 30 mg 
Proteins 186 mg
Vitamin C 2 mg (2,5 % RDA)
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Appetite control
Plant supplements
Amestec de plante
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