L-Carnitin Instant

Instant juice with 1000 mg pure L-carnitine.
Minimum order: 5 packages.


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L-Carnitin Instant - DESCRIPTION

Instant juice with 1000 mg pure L-carnitine.

L-Carnitin Instant - USAGE

Dissolve the contents of one package in a glass (250 ml) of plain water or another drinkable liquid and mix until dissolved. 2-3 packages are recommended, one of which before the period of the day with the most physical effort (or before training) and before going to bed.

L-Carnitin Instant - INGREDIENTS

fructose (13.5 g/envelop), inulin (5 g/ envelop), L-carnitine tartrate (1.5 g envelop).

L-Carnitin Instant - RECOMMENDATIONS

is an instant juice that contains 1500 mg of L-carnitine. By adding inulin (contains 95% soluble vegetable fibers), the product is indicated in diets for weight control.

Contraindications: contraindicated for fructose intolerant people. Administer with caution to pregnant women as well as people with mental disorders. At the recommended doses, it has no side effects, in the case of a healthy person.

L-Carnitin Instant - Nutritional Facts

Nutrition statement /plic 20 g /100 g
Valoare energetică 276 KJ/66 Kcal 1381 KJ/330 Kcal
Fats 0 g 0 g
from which:
saturated fatty acids 0 g 0 g
trans fatty acids 0g 0 g
Carbohydrates 18,35 g 91,75 g
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Carbohidrati & catalizatori de grasime
Carbohidrati & catalizatori de grasime
Amino acids
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L-Carnitin Instant

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