Taurine improves heart and brain's condition.

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Taurine can be found both in food and human body, in loose state (90%) and under the form of salts. It is mostly encountered within the muscular tissues, serum plagues and neuronal tissues. It is not an essential amino acid, it can be metabolized in the liver from glycine and methionine. Taurine is an energy product, the energy it delivers can be consumed during one or more metabolic processes that have not yet been discovered by scientists. Yet it is obvious that taurine serves, just like a neuronal transmitter, as a regulator of salts and water balance at cell level and as a stabilizer of cellular membrane. Taurine is involved in the chemical decontamination of oxygenated free radicals and in the production and release of the bile within the human body. Taurine is also necessary in lipids metabolism preventing the forming of bile calculi helping the absorption of liposoluble vitamins, improving heart functioning (helping it to resist to efforts) and preventing the forming of atheroma in blood vessels. Having a highly combinative capacity and being present within the human body in loose state in large quantities taurine represents a raw material important for anabolic reactions that form amino acids.


It is recommended to have 1 g before one of the meals, mixed with water, juices or other liquids. The measure inside the package is for 1 g of powder.




The product is an ALIMENTARY SUPPLEMENT. It does not replace a proper and varied alimentation. The consumer is advised to limit himself to the recommended dosage and to read carefully the data from the label. The product must be kept away from childrens reach. Side effects and contraindications: None.

Supplement Facts:

** /1 g - serving size
*Calories 4 Kcal (16,7 KJ)
Taurine 1 g

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Amino acids
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