Creatin Monohidrate

Creatin Monohidrate increases the strenght and muscles's size.

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Our body naturally produces 1 g of creatine daily. Another gram is taken from food. Creatine supplementation increases creation phosphates deposits from muscles and improves athletic performances. Positive effects appear shortly and remain for a long period; a speed of mathematical reckoning can also be noticed.


It is recommended to have 10-20 g daily (divided in more portions), five days in a row (loading phase) followed by 5g/day during maintaining phase. The dosage is administered during the days of break. It can be mixed with water, milk or juice. It is optional to simultaneously use dextrose. The measure inside the package is for 1 g of powder.


Creatine monohidrate.


- offers to the body the energy necessary to sustain intense efforts 
- increases muscular strength 
- improves the recovery after efforts 
- increases cellular hydration

Supplement Facts:

** /5 g - serving size
*Calories 20 Kcal (83,7 KJ)
Creatine Monohydrate 5 g

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Creatina pura
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Creatin Monohidrate

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