Isotonic-R Forte

Isotonic-R Forte is a refreshing isotonic drink which also contains the most important vitamins and minerals.

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Isotonic R Forte - description

Isotonic-R Forte - is an isotonic drink and energizing, refreshing, containing carbohydrates with rapid and slow assimilation and the most important vitamins and minerals. It quickly replaces water and minerals lost through sweat, energy supplies, helping to speed recovery after exercise, removing fatigue. Especially recommended for restoring and increasing performance for athletes and people who work under high temperature or high exercise, involving an increased consumption and sweating, and losing lots of minerals and vitamins. This drink is indicated for the intake of vitamins and minerals that the body needs to function at the best parameters.

Isotonic R Forte - administration

Place the contents of the envelope in a container, add 0.5 liter of water and stir to dissolve. The recommended dose is 1-2 sachets per day.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: Not recommended for diabetics.


Isotonic R Forte - ingredients

Isotonic-R Forte contains: dextrose monohydrate, fructose, maltodextrin,acid citric monohydrat, sodium citrate, potassium chloride, orange flavoring (sugar, maltodextrin), vitamin (C, B3, E, B5, B6, B1, acid folic, B12) zinc oxide,  and color (beta-caroten).

Isotonic R Forte - nutritional information:

Nutrition Facts / sachet 50 g

Energy value: 186 kcal (788 kJ)

Fats ... ... ... ... ... ... ...  0 g

Glucide ... ... ... ... ....   46.35 g (of which simple sugars 32,52g)

Proteins ... ... ... ... ... ... .01 g

Vitamin C – 24 mg (30% RDA), Vitamin B3 – 4,8 mg (30% RDA), Vitamin E – 3,6 mg (30% RDA), Vitamin B5 – 3,6 mg (30% RDA), Vitamina B6 – 0,42 mg (30% RDA), Vitamin B1 – 0,33 mg (30% RDA), Acid folic – 60 mcg (30% RDA), Biotina – 15 mcg (30% RDA, Vitamin B12 – 0,75 mcg (30% RDA), minerals – 0,72 g (sodium citrate – 450 mg, potassium chloride – 150 mg, Magnesium – 113 mg (30% RDA), Zinc – 3 mg (30% RDA).

RDA = Recommended Daily


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Product Details

Data sheet

Only carbohydrates
Energy -nonstimulant
Vitamins & Minerals
Mod administrare
Fomula in timpul antrenamentului
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Isotonic-R Forte

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