Ideal Bar

Nutritiv bar which can also be sold in schools.


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Ideal Bar it is indicated as a nutritious food, it contains quality nutrients in optimal proportions for the needs of the human body, which give energy and have a beneficial role. It can also be sold in schools.


One can consume 1-3 bars per day. Do not exceed the daily dose of 3 bars.


In contains: non-genetically modified soy protein isolate, maltitol, palm oil, sprouted wheat flakes (gluten), fructose, corn flakes, malt syrup (gluten), cocoa powder, flaxseed, roasted peanuts, L-carnitine tartrate ( 0.20% - 100 mg/bar), chocolate flavor, calcium carbonate, vitamin C, magnesium oxide, zinc oxide. May contain traces of lactose and egg.


it is indicated as a nutritious food, it contains quality nutrients in optimal proportions for the needs of the human body, which give energy and have a beneficial role. It contains vegetable proteins, fibers, L-carnitine, Omega 3 fatty acids from flax seeds and vitamin C, which is a good antioxidant. Sprouted wheat flakes are biostimulators and, together with crunchy corn flakes and roasted peanuts, give the bar an excellent taste. It contains vegetable fibers and is recommended for use during weight loss diets. It does not contain ingredients of animal origin, so it can also be consumed by those who are vegetarian or fasting. It respects the law 123/2008 on healthy food.
Contraindications: contraindicated for people allergic to soy, gluten, peanuts.

Ideal Bar – nutritional information:

Declarație nutriţională (valori nutritionale medii) /baton 50 g /100 g
Energetic value 803 KJ/192 Kcal 1606 KJ/384 Kcal
Fats 8,59 g 17,18 g
from which:
saturated fatty acids 2,25 g 4,5 g
non-saturated fatty acids 6,34 g 12,68 g
trans fatty acids 0 g 0 g
Carbohydrates 16,14 g 32,28 g
of which simple sugars 7,25 g 14,5 g
Proteins 12,58 g 25,16 g

from which L-Carnitine tartrate

100 mg 200 mg
Maltitol (polyols) 7,025 g 14,05 g
Vegetable fibers 2,19 g 4,38 g
Calcium 70 mg (8,75% VNR) 140 mg (17,5% VNR)
Vitamin C 25 mg (31% VNR) 50 mg (62% VNR)
Magnezium 30 mg (8% VNR) 60 mg (16% VNR)
Zinc 7,5 mg (75% VNR) 15 mg (150% VNR)

VNR=Valoare Nutrițională de Referință cf. Regulament 1169/2011.

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