Fibrobar-R with green tea

Fibrobar-R with green tea is a nutritive bar with fibres, cereals, L-Carnitine, flax seeds and green tea, indicated in slimming diets.

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Fibrobar-R green tea - description

Fibrobar-R with green tea is a nutritive bar with fibres, cereals, L-Carnitine, flax seeds and green tea, indicated in slimming diets. It is recommended as healthy energy food, due to its content of quality nutrients and in optimum proportions for human body needs, nutrients that give energy and have a beneficial role for body. The L-carnitine and Omega 3 fatty acids contribute to the stimulation of fat burning and adjustment of serous cholesterol level; also the vitamin C is a good antioxidant. Germinal wheat flakes are bio-stimulators and together with the crisp corn flakes and peanuts, they give an excellent taste to bar. It is rich in proteins and vegetal fibres, being also recommended for use during diets for loosing weight. It does not contain ingredients of animal origin, so it can also be consumed by vegetarians or by persons that fast

Fibrobar-R with green tea - administration

1-3 bars can be consumed per day. After administration, it is recommended to be consumed one glass of water.

Fibrobar-R with green tea - ingredients

Fibrobar-R with green tea contains: isolated compound from soy, maltitol syrup, palm oil, germinal wheat flakes (contains gluten), fructose, corn flakes, malt syrup (contains gluten), cocoa powder, flax seeds, green tea (2,50% - 1250 mg/bar), carob (carob powder), roasted peanuts, L-Carnitine tartrate (0,80% - 400 mg/bar), chocolate alimentary flavour, calcium carbonate, vitamin C (25 mg/bar, 31% from DRD (Daily Recommended Dose)), magnesium oxide, zinc oxide, potassium iodide.

Fibrobar-R with green tea - recommendations

We recommend you to consume 1-3 bars per day. After administration, it is recommended to drink one glass of water. Observe the law 123/2008 regarding health food.

Fibrobar-R with green tea – nutritional information:


/bar 50 g


194 Kcal (812 KJ)


15,88 g

Green tea

1250 mg

Vegetal fibers

2,73 g


8,60 g

L-Carnitine tartrate

400 mg


7,03 g


2,90 g


12,84 g

Vitamin C

25 mg

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Fibrobar-R with green tea

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