Protwhey-R is a protein concentrate with fast absorption and strong anabolic effect.

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Being a protein with very fast absorption, it has a very strong anabolic effect through promoting the proteins synthesis while reducing their reduction (catabolism).

Protwhey-R - USAGE

Administer 1-3 servings of 35 g daily, mixed with water or other drinking liquid.
The measure inside the package contains about 35 g.


Whey protein concentrate, aspartame (a source of phenylalanine) and food flavors.


Whey protein is a fast-absorbing protein that has a strong anabolic effect by promoting protein siting while simultaneously reducing protein destruction. Due to the high protein concentration (80%), it is recommended for athletes and categories of the population who need a quality protein diet: children, the elderly or people who do a lot of physical work.

Contraindications: No contraindications. May contain traces of peanuts, soy or egg.

Note: The product is a food supplement. Food supplements do not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of the reach and sight of small children. Do not exceed recommended dose for daily consumption. The product is stored in its original packaging, away from heat and moisture.

Protwhey-R - Supplement Facts:

Declarație nutriţională /100 g
Valoare energetică 1650 KJ/395 Kcal
Grasimi 5,3 g
din care:
acizi grasi saturați 3,9 g
acizi grasi nesaturați 0 g
acizi grași trans 0 g
Glucide 7,6 g
din care zaharuri simple 7,6 g
Minerale 3,3 g
Proteine 80 g


Profil tipic de aminoacizi esentiali
L-Lizină 7600 mg
L-Valină 5000 mg
L-Izoleucină 5600 mg
L-Fenilalanină 3400 mg
L-Treonină 5800 mg
L-Metionină 1900 mg
L-Leucină 9300 mg
L-Triptofan 1300 mg
Profil tipic de aminoacizi neesentiali
Acid L-Glutamic 14700 mg
L-Prolină 5200 mg
Acid L-Aspartic 9200 mg
L-Tirozină 3300 mg
L-Serină 4500 mg
L-Arginină 2200 mg
L-Histedină 2500 mg
L-Alanină 4500 mg
L-Cisteină 1900 mg
L-Glicină 1700 mg
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Product Details

Data sheet

Whey protein
Protein concentration
Protein concentrate (+ 80% protein)
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