Instant drinks 

  • 1,30 Lei
    Instant Energy is an energy drink with vitamins and taurine. Order: minimum 5 bags.  
  • 1,40 Lei
    Isotonic-R Forte is a refreshing isotonic drink which also contains the most important vitamins and minerals. Minimum order: 5 bags.
  • 1,60 Lei
    Instant juice that helps burning fat; 1000 mg L-pure carnitine. Minimum order: 5 packages.  
  • 1,70 Lei
    Instant juice that helps fat burning, with soluble fibres and L-carnitine. Minimum order –5 packages.
  • 14,00 Lei
    Isotonic-R Forte - offer includes 10 envelopes Isotonic-R Forte and a 0.5L container. The receptacle has a stopper built specifically for athletes, no need to be removed to consume liquid in it. This container can be used to prepare protein powders or as a shaker.