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Bar with green tea and L-carnitine.
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Low energy value bar, high content of vegetal fibers, green tea (1.000 mg) and l-carnitine (320 mg). Due to the fibers, it reduces fat assimilation and helps eliminating it. Fights hunger sensation and has a detox effect for the stomach.


It is recommended to consume 1-3 bars a day, a bar replacing a meal as it ensures the nutrients necessary. The more meals it replaces, the faster the fat elimination will be realized. 100% vegetal.
Energy value: 155,2 Kcal (645 KJ).


Protein soy isolate non-GM, maltitol, palm tree oil, germinated wheat flakes  (contains gluten), fructose, corn flakes, malt syrup (contains gluten), cocoa powder, flax seeds, green tea (1000 mg - 2,5%), caroba (carob powder), roasted nuts, soy lecithin, L-carnitine (320 mg/bar - 0,80%), chocolate flavor, calcium carbonate, Vitamin C, magnesium oxide, zync oxide, potassium iodide.


The bar is recommended as an energy healthy food, due to its quality nutrients in optimal proportions for human body necessities, nutrients that provide energy and have a benefic role for the human body. L-carnitine and Omega 3 fatty acids stimulate fat burning and serical cholesterol level balance, vitamin C is a good antioxidant. Germinated wheat flakes biostimulate the human body and together with the crispy corn flakes and nuts give the bar an excellent taste. 
The bar is rich in proteins and vegetal fibers, being recommended during weight loss diets. It does not contain animal ingredients, so it can also be consumed by vegetarians and those who fast. 
Side effects and cautions: none, if the recommended dosage is respected. It is not recommended to diabetes suffering people. 
To be kept away from humidity and heat sources.

Supplement Facts:

**/40 g bar
*Calories155 Kcal (645 KJ)
Calcium32 mg (4% RDA)
Carbohydrates                                                                                     12,71 g (simple sugars - 5,8 g)
Fibers2,18 g
Fats6,88 g (satureted fats- 1,8 g, unsatureted fats- 5,08 g (omega 3 - 1,2 g), trans fats 0 g)
Iodine28 mcg (18,6% RDA)
Magnesium9,6 mg (2,5% RDA)
Maltitol5,62 g
Potassiun12 mcg (0,6% RDA)
Proteins10, 27 g ( LCarnitine - 320 mg)
Vitamin C20 mg (25% RDA)
Zync3,2 mg (32% RDA)
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