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Inulin is obtained from the chicory root and it contains 95% soluble fibres.

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Inulin is a homogeneous polysaccharide of vegetable origin that slows digestion and intestinal absorption and it decreases the utilization rate of calories from food sources.

Inulin is obtained from the chicory root, it contains 95% soluble fibres  and it is recommended to reduce appetite.

Inulin is hearty, low-calorie, it reduces cholesterol serum, triglycerides and blood sugar, it increases the absorption of minerals in the body, helping bone health through better absorption of calcium. It improves digestion, combats constipation, slows intestinal absorption helping to control weight, restores normal intestinal flora, stimulates the growth of Bifidobacterium bacteria and reduces harmful bacteria in the large intestine, helping with the health of the digestive system. 
It improves food tolerance and the immune system function, reducing liver toxins. 

After administration of inulin, blood glucose levels remain unchanged. 

Inulin is present in the form of powder, neutral-tasting, slightly sweet, which is easily dissolved.


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It is administered 3 times a day, 5 grams each time, mixed with water or other liquids (tea, coffee, juices, milk, etc.) or with foods such as yoghurt, soups, puddings, etc.

It can be used as substitute for sugar, having 10% of its sweetening power. A spoon which can be found in the package contains 1 gr of product.  


Composition (gr/serving - 5 gr):
Carbohydrates                     4,85
  of which
    diet fibres – inulin            4,5
    easily digestible               0,35
Protein                                   0
Fat                                          0

Energy value (5 gr): 6 cal (25 KJ)

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Plant supplementsChicory
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