Weight Gainers 

  • 2,90 Lei
    Protein-R is a dietary supplement with a high concentration of proteins containing the most important vitamins and minerals.Note: - for orders over 50 bars you'll get a 25% discount
  • 3,70 Lei
    Protein-R Forte este  este un baton nutritiv bogat în proteine (peste 30%) provenind din 3 surse (lapte, zer și soia). Se fac comenzi de minimum 5 buc.
  • 3,70 Lei
    Pentraprot Bar is a protein bar with 5 sources of protein. Minimum order - at least 5 pcs.
  • 3,70 Lei
    Milk & Egg Bar is a bar rich in proteins, deriving from milk, whey and egg albumin. Orders are launched for a minimum of 5 pieces.
  • 3,90 Lei
    Wheybar-R Forte is a protein bar with L-Glutamine and B.C.A.A. (branched chain amino acids). Orders are launched for a minimum of 5 pieces.
  • 21,00 Lei
    It is an energy supplement from carbohydrates (with vanilla, cocoa, tutti frutti flavors) and it is recommended for the recovering of body energy reserves.
  • 25,00 Lei
    Nutrifort-R is a carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals (with vanilla, chocolate, tutti frutti) concentrate, recommended for fast increase in muscular mass.
  • 29,00 Lei
    Mass Forte Creatin R is a product for fast increase of energy, strength and muscular development due to the balance between carbohydrates, proteins and creatine.
  • 35,00 Lei
    Ideal Protein is a hyper protein concentrate with two levels of absorption.
  • 35,00 Lei
    Super Mass-R is a supplement with 50% proteins and 35% carbohidrates, which can replace the ordinary meals.
  • 37,00 Lei
    The product contains a high proportion of carbohydrates (70%) due to which it is recommended for both athletes and categories of consumers with high energy activities, as a daily supplement.
  • 79,00 Lei
    Whey Mass-R is a concentrate of proteins (32%) and carbohydrates (61%), proteins being exclusively obtained from whey. It is recommended for energy and muscle mass increase.